Youtube Cello Tutorials

YouTube is a treasure trove of tutorials for every skill imaginable, and has terrific tutorials for nearly every aspect of cello playing. Unfortunately, there are also hundreds of tutorials that aren’t very helpful, or that may even propagate misinformation. The links below offer a collection of some of the better tutorials I’ve found — I welcome you to send links to any others that you think should be included in the collection! (email:

When these tutorials offer contradictory viewpoints on a particular aspect of technique or interpretation, they can, in combination, offer a more complete perspective. (Many of you may be familiar with the proverb about blind men observing an elephant, which explains this phenomenon beautifully! If not, read it here before launching into the videos below.)

With more than 82 years of video footage added to YouTube every day, new cello videos are frequently added. Please check back from time to time to see additions from many of the most active concertizing artists on the music scene today!

(Please click the links below to be routed to the videos on these cello-related topics)

Sitting Posture:

Holding the bow:

Smooth Bow Changes, String Crossings, and Legato:

Spiccato and Sautillé bowing:

Intonation Practice Techniques: